In 1982, Indunil Gems, was co-founded and started in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, by Biatrice Perera and the legacy continues by her son Indunil Priyanga Aluthnuwara. The company has offices located in Ratnapura, Colombo, Sri Lanka and California USA. Indunil Gems is one of the most renowned gem miners and exporters in Sri Lanka.

Indunil Gems continued to grow and realized the growing trend and requests for fine custom gem stones specially Blue, Pink and Yellow Sapphire pieces it was supplying to more than 250 Independent retailers. In 1995, Indunil Gems began focusing more on gem trading.

Indunil Gems developed the design and manufacturing capabilities for unique custom pieces. They established the custom capabilities for their retailers; along with creating marketing and media products and programs. The web-based support group continued to evolve and grow to support Indunil Gems and continues to expand the capabilities for all retailers. 

As custom design requests continued to grow as more retailers were looking for special and unique pieces; Indunil Gems realized the growing potential of exporting gems in 2017. They are successfully exporting to USA, Switzerland, France, India and Thailand etc.

The retailer base continues to grow and there are currently more than 1,300 retail jewelers registered with Indunil. The company realized the younger generation is growing up in the computer / internet era. Buying and shopping habits are changing and the jewelry industry needs to have options also. At this time, the design team for Indunil Gems has already created over 15000 custom designs for numerous customers.

When you buy your gems from Indunil Gems, you buy with confidence. Every piece of jewelry we offer is the best possible quality for the price-guaranteed. Every piece of fine gems passes a rigorous inspection process before we offer it to you. We are committed to provide a genuine gem authenticity certificate at your request from the above governmental institution. This government approved gem certificate will certify the weight, shape and natural color of the gem stone which is a genuine statement to further enhance your confidence.